Scrat is a funny wee Scottish guy. At times, he can be affectionate, giving us little kisses and loving head-butts, but on the other hand he can be a huffy wee thing if you’ve done something that may annoy him and will sit with his back to you refusing to acknowledge that you’re there. He gets embarrassed if he does anything clumsy, for example, falling off a chair which had happened before when he was in a deep sleep! Scrat’s very inquisitive and gets in amongst anything new that is brought home – especially if it comes in a carrier bag or a cardboard box. His most impressive trick is changing the sound of his miaow so that it sounds like he is shouting “mum” – a perfect way to call his servant out to get to work!

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Lives: Edinburgh

© 2014 – Marlene’s Gang – Illustration by Leila Talmadge. All rights reserved.