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Marlene is a French Bulldog, originally from London and now based in Glasgow, owned by artist Leila Talmadge. She loves people and dogs; greeting everyone always wanting to extend her paw in friendship. It was through twitter that she shared her daily adventures with other like-minded dogs regularly putting the world to rights. As Marlene’s extended family grew, Leila also became fond of each of the doggie characters and wanted to immortalise them somehow.

With a love of tattoo art Leila started with a mixed media illustration of Marlene adopting the traditional style of Sugar Skulls. Then Marlene’s gang of doggie friends all received the same treatment, trying to capture part of their essence in one drawing.

And so begins Marlene’s Gang…


“My gang is all about like minded pets joining forces to share love around the world. I love my family dearly, but my friends are equally as special to me as they are my extended family. I’ve got pals all over the world thanks to the wonder of social networking, and I love hearing all about their adventures. I started this gang as I was getting a little tired of my mum’s love of all things black and grey. If mum had her way our house would be all in this palette but I wanted more colour in my life.

Each one of the illustrations mum does for my gang I make sure is decorated with really bright colours. These colours reflect the bright personalities of all my fellow gang members; celebrating their uniqueness and individuality. By joining my gang, your pet can also be part of this colour revolution and in turn be part of one of the most exclusive gangs in the world.

If you want to be part of my gang, then we will always welcome more members. However all potential gang members must take a paw oath and pledge that they will stick to the following membership rules, to keep the true message of Marlene’s Gang alive. Join Us!”


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  • Wendy

    Thank you so much for the fabulous scarf and amazing customer service for my friends present, here is the message my friend sent:

    Thank you thank you thank you xxxxxx love it followed by many hearts 🙂

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