Marlene’s Gang welcomes our very first Pomeranian member – the extra special Oscar. Above all things he is a loving and gentle soul with bucket loads of kindness and tenderness. He is intuitive and wonderfully compassionate but also has a very cheeky and delightfully funny side. If you don’t find him trotting along on Primrose Hill, or reveling in his role as chief product tester and treat taster at his company, Paw Post, then he will be very close ready to give you a high five in exchange for a treat. He loves hanging out with his best buddy, Brody and his new pal and doppelgänger, Juno.

Oscar also volunteers at Mary’s Living & Giving for Save the Children. He is the only dog who volunteers there on a weekly basis (probably down to his amazing character!). Spreading love and joy wherever he goes, and has a remarkable ability to make people smile – which isn’t surprising when you see the gorgeous puppy photo that was used as inspiration for his membership illustration.

Instagram: @oskie_boy


Breed: Pomeranian

Lives: London

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