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This is the second Rocky in our gang, but this little chap is still top dog. New into the world he is busy exploring his home and getting to grips on how to rule the roost, whilst also making sure there is plenty of time for those beauty sleeps in the sunshine. Breed: French Bulldog Lives: Malta […]


Introducing the handsome Diego, who loved his fellow gang member Scrat’s family just as much as he did. This fluffy chap was known for his overwhelming affection which was at the heart of his gentle soul. He loved nothing more than to snuggle up to his family and shower them in love. Sadly now over […]


Mollie was schooled in her early days by Marlene herself. These two at first site could be twins, but as Mollie has grown up she has developed her own unique personality and has blossomed into a real beauty. Loved like a true member of the family, Mollie nows rules her roost. Cheeky, greedy, loving and […]

Chopper & Bronson

Chopper & Bronson both live in Scotland with their beautiful & talented owner Kelly-Marie. Being a personal trainer we no doubt feel she gets lots of tips on building muscle from this stunning pair of Frenchies who know how to strike a pose almost as well as she does. We have long been admiring their […]


Simon, sadly now Over the Rainbow, was a fun loving, easy going little guy. He loved everyone he met and was the one animal in the house who got along with everyone. Simon was extremely smart and could performer quite a few tricks, particularly if he was rewarded with steak or Thanksgiving turkey. When you […]


Introducing the stunning Indie. This highly intelligent lady loves nothing more than to run and play with tennis balls but sometimes decides to rip them up when she gets excited. She is great at her agility classes, and earns lots of carrots and dog treats as rewards. Breed: Cocker Spaniel Lives: London, UK © 2015 […]


Marlene met Oswald in the summer as she saw him through the window of a very stylish barber shop on a walk through Edinburgh’s streets. Oswald has to be the best groomed Frenchie in town, as he regularly keeps Benjamin’s Barber shop in check ensuring customer service is top notch whilst all the guys leave […]


Introducing our newest little cute puppy… Pip – a stunning whippet who is currently busy working hard on growing up strong and tall every day. Pip already realises that he has good looks on his side so stands up tall proudly pouncing like a pony to get a bit of attention. He is naturally inquisitive […]


This tiny little bundle of fluff is more dog than cat in personality due to her inquisitive nature and wanting to be part of everything her humans are doing. Minka is a Turkish Angora kitten with pure white fur and big eyes that help her on her climbing adventures. Her favourite things to do are […]


Boris is a stunning Pondencos currently available for adoption through “Galgos del Sol” which rescues beautiful Galgos and Pondencos dogs and re-homes them in loving families. He was found on the streets, and arrived at the charities doors very skinny and ill. But with lots of love and attention this bad start in life hasn’t […]


Hank is the poster dog and spokesperson for an amazing charity in Spain called “Galgos del Sol” which rescues beautiful Galgos and Pondencos dogs and re-homes them in loving families. The Galgo Español or Spanish greyhound is an ancient breed and a member of the sighthound family. Despite being called a “greyhound”, the Spanish Galgo […]


Marlene has been admiring Neville from afar for sometime now, due to the power of Instagram. Neville is a stunning uber stylish, jet setting bull terrier owned by the equally talented Marc Jacobs. We are adding him as an honorary member of Marlene’s Gang, as who wouldn’t want to immortalise the amazing silhouette of such […]


Introducing Scrappy, a cheeky (sometimes naughty) chap who has had his fair share of run ins with other dogs due to his terrier ways. He loves nothing more than to chase joggers or sitting in the garden doing a bit of crow barking. Scrappy’s main goal in life is to get food, he won’t do […]

Walter & Winnie

Introducing brother & sister Bengal Cat combo: Walter & Winnie. Like many sibling these two are pretty much chalk and cheese! Winnie is the lady of the house, enjoying her beauty sleep and requesting regular snuggle sessions from her humans. Whilst Walter is off creating adventures wherever he can, climbing, jumping and regularly making plenty […]


At Christmas we welcomed the gorgeous Allie & Cara into our gang, only to find out in early 2015 that Holly had also recently joined their family, naturally she had to join the gang immediately! Holly is a beautiful rescue dog, originally from Bulgaria, finding her new home with a little help from All Dogs […]


Who wouldn’t turn their head to take a second look at the stunning Eros if he passed you by? Despite his imposing stature he is very loving, cuddly and soppy. A big gentle giant, Eros is calm and warm, and loves nothing more than to chase after skateboarders (something Marlene herself also adores doing!). Eros […]


Introducing Boris AKA Bozz Man, Sir Bozzalot or Lord Bozzington. Boris is a very special to Marlene’s Gang as he is our 100th member to date. In celebration Boris will probably be found sleeping under the duvet or even trying to catch a ray of sunshine, the only thing that keeps him awake is the […]

Elvis & Elsie

This head turning pair are a little like chalk and cheese. Elvis is the cheeky one, always up to some kind of mischief, playing tug of war or nibbling on Elsie’s ears. He often gets up to so much mischief that he wears himself out, only to crash out for a nap on his humans’ […]


Marlene’s Gang welcomes our very first Pomeranian member – the extra special Oscar. Above all things he is a loving and gentle soul with bucket loads of kindness and tenderness. He is intuitive and wonderfully compassionate but also has a very cheeky and delightfully funny side. If you don’t find him trotting along on Primrose […]

Allie & Cara

This beautiful pair were added to the gang in time for Christmas this year. Allie is a gorgeous, gentle diva with a stunning red coat. Affectionately know as Allie Bear you get the impression that she is awfully good at giving cuddles and affection. Cara, now sadly passed away, was a great friend to Allie. […]


Basil, oh beautiful Basil… this is the most handsome Boston Marlene has had the pleasure to play with on a very special play date with fellow gang member Lucille. Basil is in charge at Barkarama so he knows all the top trends for animal lovers way before we do – a rather good dog to […]


George and Marlene met a while ago at the Happiness of Hounds event. George was a true gent, strutting around the venue checking out all the latest items to write up for his amazing company Style Tails. Being in charge there (according to him!) he has exquisite style and knows all the best items for […]


Introducing Ollie, this cheeky little thing is a playful soul, who loves nothing more that to be around people lapping up attention. He likes to pretend he is stubborn, but we have it on great authority that he gives in very easily so isn’t as tough as he appears at first. Like most other good […]


Last but not least… Casper is the third of our new Dachshund members to Marlene’s Gang. Casper keeps both his brothers on their toes as he enjoys playing 24/7 – no rest for the wicked! For a littlen he also is extremely springy and enjoys reaching new heights with each jump. Being the baby of […]


Brewster is one of Archie’s brothers… Being the most sensitive out of the three new Dachshund members he is also the most vocal. A little bit of a worrier he settles his nerves by leading the pack in their walks and giving out tons of love and cuddles. The other favourite past time he has […]


Introducing the first of three gorgeous new Dachshunds to join Marlene’s Gang. Archie is a quite little chap, who is so laid back that he struggles to get out of bed most mornings – something most of us can sympathise with! Despite being so quiet he knows how to get all the attention he deserves […]


Scrat is a funny wee Scottish guy. At times, he can be affectionate, giving us little kisses and loving head-butts, but on the other hand he can be a huffy wee thing if you’ve done something that may annoy him and will sit with his back to you refusing to acknowledge that you’re there. He […]


Welcoming Baxter, a stunning Cockapoo who is so pretty he often gets mistaken for a girl. His favourite things are running around the local park, sitting on the back cushion of the couch, and sneaking onto the bed to lie on his humans legs at around 4am most nights. Baxter is pretty good at doing […]


Abi is the definition of “work hard play hard” – during the day she keeps the amazing offices of All Dogs Matter running like a well oiled ship, but when she gets time off from her busy business schedule she is always out and about. Loving Hampstead Heath’s big open grounds she regularly can be […]


Tilly is a real jet setter, starting out as an American cat, born in Columbus, Ohio. She flew to London in 2005 and lived in Putney for two years before moving to the Oxfordshire countryside. She started life as an indoor cat but now only ventures outside when it is sunny and there are butterflies […]


Sooty is a true country girl through and through who excels in hunting and patrolling her domain. She is a real boss of her area and doesn’t let anything get the better of her. A feisty thing and she can stare at her brother (and fellow Gang member) Monty down and it irritates the hell […]


This beautiful little puppy is the gorgeous Bleu, currently patrolling Scottish parks and making the area safe and secure. He is a bouncy ball of energy who adores meeting new people, but his favourite thing ever is to hang out with his human sister Ava. She is by far his best pal and keeping an […]


Introducing Percy; King of the household, guard cat and master manipulator, he regularly walks around like he owns the place. Percy knows exactly how to get what he wants; whether that’s a belly rub, a brush or a warm lap to sleep on. He sleeps in a fruit bowl which is just that little bit […]


Rocket has to be the best looking Dachshund in Soho… proudly trotting around the park he does an excellent job of patrolling the area for everyone’s safety. He has lots of friends and enjoys nothing more than to be playfully chased. Even though he has little legs, he can pick up some speed with his […]


Napoleon is Marlene’s proud father and Coco’s best friend and lover. He is the most stunning example of a Frenchie strong stature and character. When we first went to go see Marlene as a puppy it was Napoleon who checked out whether we were suitable for his little girl. Once he was sure that we […]


We are so proud to introduce Coco into Marlene’s Gang. This beautiful Frenchie is even more special to the gang as she is Marlene’s mother. She lives with Marlene’s Dad, Napoleon, and they truly are in love. This gorgeous pair surprised their humans with the announcement of 4 beautiful puppies that were due back in […]


When Glacey was younger, she loved to go for long walks by the lake. She would wade in the water but would never go in deep enough to where her feet wouldn’t touch the ground. Go figure, a golden retriever who wouldn’t swim! Glacey also loved to spend time with her puppy cousins, her Aunt […]


Prince is a huge bundle of energy. When he isn’t running around in circles in the house, he is out in the park sprinting like a professional athlete. Being a cross between a Collie & Labrador he has the most beautiful “I haven’t been fed yet” eyes which have often been put too use, but […]


Introducing the incredibly dapper Jack. As well as loving to regularly don his favourite bow tie, our Jack loves eating bones, drooling at meat products, and drinking milk (when the humans attempt to make coffee the sad eyes usually work… If not, it’s the heavy paw!!). Being so long legged, he has perfected the art […]


Marlene’s Gang now has their very first Husky, the beautiful Io. A strong character at Marlene’s Doggy Day Care, Io is a striking looker who melts you when he looks in your eyes. Always up for a run around and play, he also can often be found snoozing in the corner of one of the […]


You couldn’t meet a sweeter dog than our new member Ted. He is basically the largest teddy bear you could ever see walking about. At Marlene’s Doggy Day Care, Ted is the first to offer out cuddles to all the humans, and he is pretty good at them as well! A happy, loving chap, Ted […]


Speech is one of Marlene’s best pals at Doggy Day Care… they often wrestle all day and get in trouble for trying to pcik on the bigger dogs! The day typically ends up with the two off them fast asleep together, dreaming of all the fun they had. Being such good friends they do not […]


Bobby is one of Marlene’s Doggy Day Care friends… a tight pack of pooches, they all hang out together doing zoomies and generally having a great time. Bobby is one friendly little character who gives some of the best cuddles and always welcomes everyone with a huge smile. Breed: Staffie Lives: London, UK © 2014 […]


Introducing the first Beagle into our gang, the beautiful Jess, also known as Piglet, Junior, Wiglet or Jessica Moriarty (she had multiple personalities!). A loyal companion to her family she was a beautiful girl, a human in Beagle clothing! She loved to do tricks, her best being a dance on two legs but she was […]


Giles is a very special addition to Marlene’s Gang. He was introduced to his family by the charity “Dogs for the Disabled”. His owner Natasha is an active teenager with a keen interest in sports, but due to her disability she needed a companion to help her out and be by her side. Giles was […]


This big eyed beauty is Feddin, who lived with Marlene’s Gang members Delphi and Sabakka. As a puppy she wanted to follow Sabakka everywhere including sleeping on top of her, just to make sure she didn’t leave in the night. Feddin was also a trained gun dog, but mostly used that training to impress humans […]


Delphi joined her household as a cheeky little trouble maker, always falling off the kitchen table as she tried to swipe the blind string up above. She was a loyal friend to Feddin and was often found on the top of the stairs looking out on everyone below through the banisters. Taught how to Box […]

The Happiness of Hounds

Introducing Diamond, Duke & Daisy, the beautiful Chief Executive Dogs at “The Happiness of Hounds” in London, a fantastic cafe for Hounds and Humans. They have been hunting all over London for the most ideal location for this fantastic new concept, which will launch in Summer 2014. You can find out more about their great […]


Daisy joins Marlene’s Gang with her brother Duke and sister Diamond. These three are Chief Executive Dogs at “The Happiness of Hounds” in London, a fantastic cafe for Hounds and Humans. They have been hunting all over London for the most ideal location for this fantastic new concept, which will launch in Summer 2014. You […]


Duke joins Marlene’s Gang with his sisters Diamond & Daisy. These three are Chief Executive Dogs at “The Happiness of Hounds” in London, a fantastic cafe for Hounds and Humans. They have been hunting all over London for the most ideal location for this fantastic new concept, which will launch in Summer 2014. You can […]


Diamond joins Marlene’s Gang with her brother Duke and sister Daisy. These three are Chief Executive Dogs at “The Happiness of Hounds” in London, a fantastic cafe for Hounds and Humans. They have been hunting all over London for the most ideal location for this fantastic new concept, which will launch in Summer 2014. You […]


Sabakka was one of the best ever Black Labradors we’ve ever known. She was a long standing family member and took her duties very seriously, particularly guarding the children as they grew up. A wonderful family member, she also had amazing skills as she was trained to be a working gun dog and reliably worked […]


After a relocation from London, Bronte’s humans decided that their home wasn’t complete without a four legged friend. This little cutie now spends all his time sharing his love out amongst all the family members, and watching them carry out their creative past times. In a house of photographers and artists it is no surprise […]

Eric & Edie

Some dogs are just born to be models, and these two were certainly that. Snappy dressers, the two would get a lot of attention as they perfected their struts across the street. Sadly the beautiful Edie is now over the rainbow, but Eric is still dishing out the best cuddles ever down under in Australia. […]


Who wouldn’t stop in the street to stop and say hello to this friendly chap. Barnsey is a relative of existing Marlene’s Gang member Pip, and when the two are together they are real head turners. Barnsey’s big friendly eyes draw in tons of attention which he laps up being a real softy. Pip, Marlene […]


Chloe is a stunning retired show dog who traded in her glamorous life at the tender age of one. This allowed her to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a full time lap dog. Her favorite activities, besides snoring, are playing with her other four legged friends and young children in the building. She also […]

Dr Freud

Dr Freud has recently taken a new position of running Marlene’s doggie day care and he is certainly making his mark as boss. This gorgeous pug was re-homed into a dog’s dream home as he gets to play everyday with a whole gang of dogs, and get equally spoiled by all the owners who love […]

Lady & Rosie

These two beauties are part of Marlene’s family except they live a little further away than most. Both Lady, the pug, and her sister Rosie, the cat, live in sunny sunny Spain with Marlene’s great aunt. They spend their days relaxing by the pool, or cooling down on the tiled floor after hours of sunbathing […]


Marlene’s Gangs first Shar Pei, and we couldn’t have found a better example of this beautiful breed. Introducing Hector, brother to Teddie, this huge bundle of love is out to shower all his lady pals with compliments in the hunt for kisses. His owners have declared that he is a full time bon viveur, Lothario […]


This face looks like butter wouldn’t melt, but don’t be fooled… underneath these twinkly eyes lies a lady mad brindle pug, desperate to woo his female pals on twitter. Teddie is the brother of Hector, and the two make an irresistible pair. Dishing out daily compliments they have many female admirers and brighten up people’s […]


Baby is born to be on the stage. This gorgeous dog may be small in stature but his personality more than makes up for it. Joining Marlene on her park patrols in Soho, Baby is one of the most graceful animals to ever walk on four paws. Down to the very last detail he even […]


Fin’s full name is Finlay Blue. His favourite colour is green but is also keen on yellow which may be something to do with the grass and sunny sun! He’s partial to a bit of marmite on toast and Lily’s kitchen lamb hot pot in particular! Excitable, silly and very clumsy, he loves to chase […]


Introducing this huge bundle of energy into the gang… Miss Nellie. She is a constant joy to her family, providing hours of entertainment to her brother and sister. With one of the waggiest tails ever you can certainly hear her happiness coming. Her favourite things, apart from her amazing family, is eating cheese, ham and […]

Stripes, Bandit & Gracie

This cheeky set of three are triple trouble and love all in one. Stripes is the pampered one constantly wanting attention, could never harm a fly and wants to be cuddled, kept warm whilst hogging the comfiest bed in the house. Bandit has been known to be grumpy, constantly on the search for food, 3 […]

Friday & Merlin

Meet Miss Friday, and her son, Mr Merlin – our fashionista’s of Marlene’s Gang. Merlin is a cheeky one and hops around at full speed just like a rabbit. He’s friendly and playful loves peanut butter and cuddling under the duvet. Merlin’s never with out admirers he’s a little flirty type with big eyes and […]


This gorgeous face belongs to Ned, a friend of Marlene’s through Twitter. He adores his grandfather and shows his affection by running away from him making him chase him, sometimes for more than two hours! Having a soft spot for his family he also extends this love to their pet horses and enjoys nothing more […]


This huge smile is from none other than the beautiful Peia. Marlene met Peia through Twitter as they are both members of the #BitchesBrigade, which is a growing group of the finest female dogs online. Peia’s full name is Cassiopeia, named after the constellation, so it is only apt that her illustration has stars in […]


Introducing Marlene’s Gang’s second member called Rocco, only this stunning dog is a Boxer. Rocco loves to stretch his long legs by going jogging with his mum or playing regularly at the local dog park. He enjoys nothing more than a ton of cuddles after all that exercise and when he is exceptionally good he […]


Introducing this special character Gomez. He is a boy but a very feminine chap, kind of like the hippos from Fantasia. He’s a Persian mix but what makes him extra special is that he has ‘thumbs’, long toes like a bobcat and long ear-fluff. Gomez doesn’t see or hear that well so is exceptionally clumsy. […]

Milo & Casey

These beautiful brothers, Milo & Casey, were re-homed from a couple who sadly couldn’t have them anymore. They came to live with their new forever humans a few years ago and have been snoring loudly ever since, often found snaffled in their father’s cheesy slippers asleep! Milo was always the slower and more chilled out […]

Freya & Lola

Introducing the stunning pair, Freya & Lola, two beautiful Blue Burmese Cats that are sisters to Marlene’s Gang member Loki. Don’t be fooled by the innocence of their pretty faces, these two can literally get away with being the naughtiest little things just because of their good looks. Spending most of their days chilling in […]


Mannie is the cousin of Marlene’s Gang member Loki. This gentle giant is sadly now “over the rainbow” but his spirit lives on in many hearts. An avid Tottenham football fan, Mannie was often seen sporting the teams shirt and watching their games. Best pal with his human Kirstie, Mannie gave the best snuggles and […]


Introducing Loki, a beautiful little long haired miniature Dachshund with a big bark. Being the best security guard ever Loki will bark at all guests before promptly rolling onto his back for a good belly rub. He loves hanging out with his mum watching TV and having plenty of cuddles. The rest of his time […]


Bertie bear is extremely loving, willful and has a strong personality. The little guy is bouncy and can launch at you like a exocet missile. He is training to be a gun dog – making small steps of progress and at times still runs away with the toy when he is supposed to be fetching […]

Bobby & Little Mo

Introducing Bobby & Little Mo (the older one), who are Marlene’s Gang member Albi’s cousins. Little Mo has 9 lives and eats anything going. She once ate so much Christmas chocolate two years running that she ended up on a drip and if that wasn’t enough she’s also eaten poison twice. She’s VERY naughty, but […]


Buddy the pug has only been with his owners after they got married at the end of September. Both his owners are drummers and one is a chef too – not a bad pick for a place to live. Buddy is very much the completing piece of their new home as they settle into married […]

Tommy & Joey

Tommy & Joey are the stunning pair owned by a talented carpenter that works at Marlene’s office. These two are his pride and joy. They are a pair of trouble makers at times, but mostly they get forgiven due to perfecting their puppy dog eyes. With lots of attention and plenty of snuggles on the […]


Introducing Frankie “Fart Bag”, who is a firm friend of Marlene’s Gang member Pip. Frankie went to live with his two Dads and has never looked back. Lots of snuggles on the sofa after long walks in the countryside makes up the foundations of Frankie’s amazing life. He is spoilt rotten and deserves every bit […]


Cosmo is a Labrador/Spaniel cross who was born on 1/6/2011 and lives in Bristol. His feet and ears are a bit too big for his body and so far nobody has found anything that he will not eat . He hates swimming but loves chasing squirrels. He is a bit of a TV celebrity as […]

Branston Pickle

Branston Pickle is named so as when a pup he looked like a little jar of the stuff. Marlene first met him when he was out for one of his first walks in the area and they became firm friends straight away. She used to take him to the park to teach him all her […]


Boyce was Marlene’s neighbour. These two became best friends over the garden fence, and Marlene always was so excited to see him appear out of the door. They would run up and down the garden either side of the fence trying to play and regularly sing to each other to say hello. When Marlene was […]


Boss is the most famous French Bulldog in Sweden. Marlene has watched his videos and admired his fantastic photos ever since she joined social media websites. He is an excellent jumper, and has more self control than Marlene could dream of. One of the most photographic characters ever, Boss teaches all other Frenchies how to […]


The beautiful Bisou was well loved and went on many adventures as a little pup. He was a cheeky character that was adored by his family and brought a lot of love and joy into their household. Marlene first came across Bisou on Instagram and he regularly supported her in her first ever Frenchie Pageant […]


Beatty has a lot in common with Marlene… they both came about from an accidental mating, so both were very happy accidents. Beatty was nursed into life by her human mum, a veterinarian nurse who took over the reigns of whelping the litter. As soon as Beatty was born they knew that they would be […]


Marlene first met the beautiful Peppa at one of her Frenchie Meet Up groups in London. Peppa is a few weeks younger than Marlene, but has a huge following on Instagram as she highlights all her latest adventures about town. With one of the most adorable faces Peppa has perfected the puppy dog eyes and […]


Sid is best pals with existing members of Marlene’s Gang, Boomer and Solo. A bit of a wild one, he loves rock and metal music, motorbikes and generally anything that helps his alpha male persona. Despite the tough exterior underneath he is a huge softy and enjoys nothing more than a cuddle with his loved […]


Marlene was watching Piaf on TV recently with huge curiosity. Normally Marlene isn’t a huge fan of cats, but when she was sat down ready to watch an episode of LA Ink, Piaf popped up on the screen and see just stared in ore. Piaf is the most beautiful eye catching cat owned by inspirational […]


The beautiful Lola is as close to a sister to Marlene as can be. Born two weeks apart they both sport a stunning black coat, with white patch on their chest. Lola also has one white paw that holds all her magical powers. She is a fantastic social bunny and particularly good at helping her […]


Marlene first met Rocco on Twitter when she became part of #BitchesBrigade. She since has become great friends with him and loves to get a daily doze of his wit. Rocco set up #StudClub showcasing the finest specimens of Bulldog on Twitter… and it is a collection that makes all the #BitchesBrigade regularly swoon at. Despite […]


Rocky was first spotted strutting along Golden Square in Soho. One of the most beautiful blue Frenchies ever he is already well versed in posing for the camera and soon to be one of the most recognisable Frenchies in town. He is great pals with Hodge making them a pair to keep your eyes on… […]


Hodge was one of the first dogs that Marlene met as a puppy at her first Frenchie Meet Ups in London. Hodge is a very special head turner down to his fantastic physique and the unique rare feature of having one brown and one blue eye. He is so easy going and loves making new […]


Monty is a pedigree Flat Coated Retriever and is fondly known as ‘Mongomery of Shotover’. His enthusiasm knows no bounds and his best friend his is his little human brother Blake. He loves going on walks on the White Horse Hill and can tell the time, specifically lunch and dinner time. His mum and grandma […]


Solo was rather smitten with Marlene when she first came for the weekend. He is an elegant dog with the longest legs Marlene has ever seen, and a matching long nose! Standing over Marlene he took her out to see cows and chickens for the first time and showed her how to run through the […]


Boomer is Marlene’s pal in the country. Being a true free spirit Boomer lives with his fur-brother Solo, and a gang of chickens. Fantastic at jumping, swimming and running Boomer is an all action dog. Working everyday with his tree surgeon owners he goes out to patrol the forests and sites, whilst also keeping the […]

Dali & Mouse

Dali and Mouse are Marlene’s Fur-cousins! These two are joined at the hip and when you see one the other is always nearby. Both rescue dogs they have been in their forever home for so long now that the sofa is shaped around their favourite sleeping positions. Dali is the little adventurer of the two, […]


Tilly is a beautiful Pug owned by The Pugs Mummy, who Marlene chats to regularly on twitter. Being one of Marlene’s friends on twitter they regularly keep in contact talking about all their daily adventures. The Pugs Mummy is a huge lover of all dogs, providing lots of support and love to them all as […]


Rosie and Marlene first met on holiday in Whitstable. Spending the week walking along the beach together they became firm friends. Rosie had just arrived at her forever home so was a little nervous at the time, but with daily snuggles ever since she has settled in beautifully and is well at home now in […]


Toppolina is the first Cat to join Marlene’s Gang. Marlene & Toppi first met in North London with a rather energetic greeting. Not necessarily getting on straight away these two share a mutual respect for their individual skills. Toppi is a cunning Ninja Cat who has been known to jump off balconies three floors up […]


Marlene doesn’t get to see Albi as much as she would like because Albi is busy protecting her fursister from anything and everything. This cute little dog loves hot sunny days as she gets to nibble on the toes of guests to her house. She adores her new fursister and loves hanging out with her […]


Marlene occasionally works with Lucille in the studio. Lucille is a model, regularly appearing in magazines and advertising campaigns. She has taught Marlene what side is her best camera angle and also how to ‘smize’. Marlene loves hanging out at Lucille’s place as she normally gets to share presents of doughnuts and biscuits given to […]


Marlene met the beautiful Bo in Soho salon Billy&Bo, where Marlene was a regular. Bo is a couple of months younger than Marlene so watched her eagerly to learn how to walk on the lead and find where the best toilet spot was in town. Now they work together to patrol the local parks, but […]


Pip is Marlene’s partner in crime. The yin and yang of an inseparable walking team they have adventured together all the way from Hampstead Heath to Beachy Head. She is Marlene’s celebrity pal, as Pip once walked the red carpet, or should we say rode the red carpet travelling in Tin Tin’s side-car at the […]


Marlene met Lenny through twitter after she giggled at his comments for a week. With his sharp sense of humour Lenny amuses her daily with his antics, particularly his impressive Farts. He looks so exceptionally dapper in his bow tie that it is regularly questioned as to why he hasn’t yet been snapped up by […]


Marlene met Tony through twitter, and was instantly impressed by his bravery at swimming in a pond, nicknaming him ‘Bravefart’. He is a strong figure of a Frenchie and looks rather dashing in a tux. Most impressively Tony can jump as high as Marlene has ever seen! He also has a passport and so jet […]


Marlene loves peanut butter, bacon and cheese above all else. She has rather long legs for a French Bulldog so often is referred to as the ‘Naomi Campbell’ of the Frenchie world. She adores snuggles and wants to be cuddled most of the day, with the exception of when she is chewing socks. Working as […]