This huge smile is from none other than the beautiful Peia. Marlene met Peia through Twitter as they are both members of the #BitchesBrigade, which is a growing group of the finest female dogs online. Peia’s full name is Cassiopeia, named after the constellation, so it is only apt that her illustration has stars in her eyes. She works as a therapy dog, but loves nothing more than playing fetch with balls. Being a self proclaimed diva is regularly gets spoiled rotten with numerous new outfits and pit stops for getting her nails painted. She is a natural in front of the camera, so not long until this one is snapped up for the fashion runways!

Twitter: @peia_Bosterriah

Breed: Boston Terrier

Lives: Irwin, USA

© 2014 – Marlene’s Gang – Illustration by Leila Talmadge. All rights reserved.