Introducing the incredibly dapper Jack. As well as loving to regularly don his favourite bow tie, our Jack loves eating bones, drooling at meat products, and drinking milk (when the humans attempt to make coffee the sad eyes usually work… If not, it’s the heavy paw!!). Being so long legged, he has perfected the art of sleeping with all his feet stretched out so no one else fits on HIS sofa. He keeps a keen eye on anything being prepared in the kitchen, so maybe he fancies himself as a sous chef or just wants to make sure the preparation is up to his high standards. Jack is so smart, that he has a whole pile of tricks up his sleeve ready and waiting to earn a treat, but the smartest thing about him of all is that fact that he will not eat lettuce!

Twitter: @superw00fers/ @WoofamstowJack

Breed: German Shepherd Dog Cross

Lives: London

© 2014 – Marlene’s Gang – Illustration by Leila Talmadge. All rights reserved.