The Gang

What is Marlene's Gang?

Marlene’s Gang is a collection of pets who have all had their own bespoke portrait designed by artist Leila Talmadge.

How do we join Marlene's Gang?

In order to become an official member of Marlene’s Gang you must commission a bespoke portrait of your pet. You can read more about our bespoke commissions here, or go straight to our shop to purchase a commission here.

Who is in the gang?

Marlene has welcomed many pets into the gang already. You can see the complete gang & their bespoke portraits on our members page here. Remember to use the categories list on the right to filter the posts by breed or animal.

Can my pet join the gang if they have passed over the rainbow?

We welcome gang members that have already passed over the rainbow. Our portraits capture the spirit of your pet, even if they are no longer with you.

Bespoke Commissions

What happens when I buy a bespoke commission?

Once you have purchased a bespoke commission for your pet, we will send you a questionnaire asking specific questions about your pet so we can get to know their character better. This will also involve questions about the final design for the portrait, and ask you to email over some photographs to work from.

Once this has been completed Leila will start the design which can take up to three weeks, with revisions. You will then be posted a print of your final design, mounted to A4 size, by first class mail.

Your pet will also be added to our members page with a short write up about them for everyone to see.

Can I pick the colours used?

Yes. Before starting the design, we will ask you in our questionnaire what colours you would like, and more importantly what colours you would NOT like to be used.

Can I pick which symbols are used?

Yes. The sugar skull style has various symbols that are common in each design such as; flowers, hearts, diamonds, crosses and stars. Before starting the design will we ask you if would rather any of these symbols are not used just to make sure we get the final design exactly as you want it.

Can I chose if the portrait is full body or just head?

Yes. This is a question we ask you in the questionnaire before the design is started. If you have a preference, as long as you provide good enough photos to work from we will always go with your preference.

Can I have a portrait of more than one pet?

Yes. If you want more than one pet in the same portrait we will be happy to accommodate that.

Can I commission a portrait of my child?

Sorry no. Despite being asked a few times, we only allow pets into Marlene’s Gang.

Can I request changes to my pet portrait?

We work hard to achieve a final design that you are happy with. As all the portraits are hand drawn it can be difficult to make changes to the design once it has been drawn. If you have completed the questionnaire fully before the illustration is started then their shouldn’t be the need for any major changes – however, we will always work with you to get a final portrait perfect.

Do I own the rights to the image of my pet once I have commissioned a portrait?

Unfortunately not. All art work remains the property of the artist Leila Talmadge, therefore you cannot reproduce it or copy it without prior permission. You will of course have your print of the commission, and we will not use your pet portrait on any retail ranges without consultation with you first.

Our Shop

What delivery methods are available?

All of our products are posted by first class royal mail. Each product has more detailed information about postage in the shop explaining estimated delivery dates.

Do you deliver internationally?

Our online shop is currently only set up for UK customers. However, we have had many customers from other countries, so if you would like to ask about delivery to other countries please drop us an email so we can discuss postage costs.

How often do you replenish out of stock products?

Many of our products are bespoke or hand painted so it can take a while for us to replenish the stock. If a product you like is out of stock please feel free to get in touch with us to express interest in it.

Are your products made in the UK?

Everything in our shop is designed and made in the UK. We are proud to support UK production businesses.

Can I get a cushion with my pet's portrait on it?

Bespoke items are available if your pet is in Marlene’s Gang. If your pet hasn’t got a bespoke portrait then you will need to commission that before we can create any other product with the design. Please note, that all bespoke products will be subject to delivery dates based on batch ordering.

What payment options to you accept?

Our online shop is set up to accept payment by PayPal. If for any reason you would rather pay by Cheque or Bank Transfer, then we can accommodate that if you get in touch. Please note, we will need payment in full before any art work is started or the product is dispatched.

How much do you donate to the charity Dogs for the Disabled?

4% of every sale is donated to Dogs for the Disabled to support the amazing work they do.