Cosmo is a Labrador/Spaniel cross who was born on 1/6/2011 and lives in Bristol. His feet and ears are a bit too big for his body and so far nobody has found anything that he will not eat . He hates swimming but loves chasing squirrels. He is a bit of a TV celebrity as in 2013 he reached the quarter finals of CBeebies “Who Let the Dogs Out” with his human brother Dominic and where they met Ashley and Pudsey who won Britain’s Got Talent. He can bluff people into giving up their seats on the sofa by pretending to want to go outside and then doubling back to pinch the seat when they get up to open the door.

Breed: Labrador/Spaniel Cross

Lives: Bristol, UK

© 2013 – Marlene’s Gang – Illustration by Leila Talmadge. All rights reserved.